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Our Projects


Projects we have previously worked on:

Some larger Projects:

Suncor - TRO Barges - Fort McMurray, AB

Worked with field machinists to install and machine pump chocks to engineered drawings for six (6) - 2200 HP pumps, each pump and motor base had 20 chocks to machine, duration on-site was 3 weeks. Flatness between all 20 chocks (on one base) had to be within 0.002".

Joffre, AB

Worked with field machinist to machine pump chocks to engineered drawings for 1 motor base.

Langley Airport, BC

Tool build for 2x 206B Bell Helicopters, duration of build was 8 weeks. All target points were within 0.005" after the build was completed.

Abbotsford, BC

Tool build for a Waterbomber Drop tank test stand

Langley Airport, BC

Tool build for installation of the tank mount

Buntzen Lake, BC

Decomissioning of a hydro station, 3D scanning and laser tracker were used to capture the pipeshaft to the penstock, no one was allowed to enter the pipeshaft and we were still able to capture the whole thing so that engineering could design and structure, bridge and guard rails to fit onto and around the area.

Kelowna, BC

Mapping of a large 5 axis CNC machine in order to calibrate it.

Joffre, AB

Mapping of a double barrel extruder, extruder length was 11m, every 10cm along the length was physically measured to give a detailed map of the whole extruder (both barrels), over 1500 individual points were taken to map the diameters along the length.

Coquitlam, BC

Mapping of overhead crane rails, able to clearly see the vertical and lateral position of the rail down to 0.001".

Shafter, TX

Inspection of a large ball mill gear (24' diameter). Provided details of the inspection to a consulting firm.

Suncor Site - Fort McMurray, AB

Captured data of the haul truck horse collars for an engineering firm to help extend the operating hours of the trucks.

Kamloops, BC

Inspected gyratory crusher mating parts to determine the interference fit and the crush allowance after the parts were machined. Each part weighed approximately 120,000 lbs.

Williams Lake, BC

Inspected wear plates on a crusher during a shutdown period.

Williams Lake, BC

Inspected a ball mill trunnion bearing pedestal.

Squamish, BC

Checked machined faces for perpendicularity on a large rotor at a hydro facility.

Surrey, BC

Checked the alignment of 2x stranders (50' in length with 6 and 8 sections), and aligned one that was out of tolerance.

Maple Ridge, BC

Benchmarked a double band saw area for a sawmill, that included the chipperhead, blade position, dogs, rails, etc.

North Vancouver, BC

Shaft Alignment for a crusher drive. Aligned a new motor, coupling shafts, and sprockets for a crusher drive.

Forrest Kerr

Aligning and installing 9 generator frames and scroll cases, as well as the bearing pedestals and rotors for a run-of-the river hydro project.