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Our Services


Digital Precision services include, but are not limited to the following:


Drift Surveying

Precision Alignment:

  • Machine Centres - Vertical/Horizontal Mills, Lathes
  • Machinery Drivelines - Generator shafts, couplings, large gearboxes
  • Presses - Platen press, stamping press, press brakes
  • Rolls - Parallelism & orientation checks
  • Machine Layout - Setting positions in a plant
  • Robots - Calibration & re-mapping
  • Power Gen - Turbine alignments and reverse engineering

Large Part Reverse Engineering

Large Part Inspection

Machine Leveling

Jig Fixture - Tooling Measurement

Checks for flatness, perpendicularity, concentricity, etc.

3D Scanning:

  • As-built (plant)
  • Piping (plant, spool length, angles, etc.)
  • Volume calculations (mineral piles, walls, truck loads, etc.)
  • Complex shapes
  • Reverse engineering
  • Asset Management

Overhead Crane Rail Mapping

Pump Leveling and Alignment

Interference Fits

First Article Inspection

Hull Scanning

Drift Surveying/Thermal Expansion

Helicopter Tooling

Aerospace Tooling

Mechanical Installations